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Open Flexible and Dynamic Apartment in Bucharest


Another inspired project by the Romanian designer Bogdan Ciocodeica and Diana Rosu which we have introduced to you previously, using again its signature combination between modern, almost industrial aesthetics and warm, welcoming touches and design accents.

Located right in the center of Bucharest, the apartment, addresses the family’s way of life, being open, flexible and dynamic. These aspects were the main elements that lead to the definition of the new functional and spatial scheme focusing on the opening of the daytime spaces.

Elements merge into a common image, where wood covering storage area and creating a separation of the living area from the rest of the house provides fluidity and unity of the space, creating a neutral background at the same time. Dark grey metal elements, contrasting and cold, become highlights of the interior, but also divide different areas and create differentiated spots: the entrance hall, the kitchen area, the glass doors and the felt lamp above the living room. When necessary, metallic and glass wall can create a capsule, separating the kitchen from the rest of the house making it a background for the dining area.

Similar colors and patterns can be observed inside the entrance hall, where the wooden wall panels separate it from the day area and filomuro doors, painted the same rich, dark gray color as the walls “hide” the access to the more private area of the house.

The night area follows the same color palette of the whole interior, that is the main frame of the overall design and offers a neutral background for the small interventions and personal objects, that come to personalize each private space.  Photography by Kinga Tomos