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Home where Spirit of Viennese Classical Style is Entwined with the Modern Time


This is a home one definitely can fall in love with – a place where elegant contemporary lines and light features are combined with charming vintage pieces and the spirit of old classic Viennese is entwined with the modern time vital aspiration to reduce consummation and find the beauty of the restrained and well-balanced environment.

The designers from Destilat studio successfully found the middle ground between high aesthetical standards in contemporary design and the owners search for reduced consummation lifestyle. Custom made details, restored vintage findings and furniture pieces with certain visual standard, and low acquisition cost is composing the serine and elegant ambiance of this contemporary apartment.

Open floor plan unites the kitchen and dining zone with the rest of the living premises. The food preparation space is quite fresh and elegant: here trendy suspended lamps illuminate a stylish combination of custom-made furniture – the very memorable and fashionable kitchen island, designed by the Destilat team, that consist of freestanding island – workbench equipped with ivory-colored Eternit fronts (very fresh and bright composition). Harmoniously combined with classic dining table with elegant features and cute vintage chairs. The living zone also has a minimal furnishing expression – here the trendy velvet upholstery of the sofas goes in harmony with the vintage charm of the cast-iron fireplace.

The color scheme for the whole apartment is kept light and elegant, combining monochrome hues of gray and beige with the white base and the occasional color accents. Prints and paintings adorn the walls keeping the color palette coherent and giving depth to the pure whiteness of the walls. The designers had preserved and renovated the beautiful wooden floors, the historic-spirit-carrying doors, and window frames and given them a new dynamic atmosphere to live in. Created with attention towards the detail, understanding towards the owner’s life choices and loving the clear lines and the light expressions- this Viennese apartment is a lovely contemporary project with vintage spice.