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Bright Home With Welcoming Yellow Accents in Majorca


Bright yellow accents, luminous environment and modern edge design with minimalist expression – this is the delightful house project of Kresings Architektur in Pollença, Spain.

The house embodies all the unique architectural qualities of the region, including the typical large bricks constructs, and consist of four levels, the last of which leads to open sunny terrace with a magnificent view over the pastoral city landscape. Here the trendy industrial touch inserted by the green metal frames of the outdoor furniture designed by the French designers – Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for the Danish brand Hay – gives dynamic accent with its minimalist frame and curving surfaces.

The house interior decor is decided in a light monochrome color palette: featuring mainly luminous whiteness and muted hues of gray and beige; with two strong color accents given by the bright yellow staircase and entrance door. Sunny and young. The furnishing of the premises is light, minimalist and contemporary. The modern spirit of the house design is enhanced by the trendy lamps selection (again by the renowned Bouroullec) and cool materials choices – including terrazzo flooring and stairs and polished concrete floors.

The ambiance of the house is luminous and chirps with warmer accents in the main living room where the carpet fabric’s and the darker hues of the primary color palette give a friendly and welcoming feel to the decor composition. The designers successfully achieved the difficult task of introducing modern think into charming historical ambiance.  Photography by Roman Mensing