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Crisp House – Gorgeous Renovated Timber Cottage from the 1850’s


Sometimes when renovating an old building there is not much to be salvaged from its original features, and this is the case with the Crisp House in Collingwood, Australia. But the architects from Robert Nichol & Sons did their best to preserve the old historical spirit in the front facade of the house adding exquisite timber structures with clear-lined expression in the rear and the back.

The interior of the house entwines dark wood elements, light gray surfaces and exposed structural details (like the black metal beams) with slight industrial presence to compose a unique and dynamic ambiance. Celebrating the range of natural finishes: polywood, oak, steel, bluestone cement; the architects left some of the structural elements exposed adding visual impact and accents in the interior decor.

The interior decor combines contemporary art pieces, modem shapes and furniture design with custom-made structures: like the dark plywood wall shelving. Some Victorian inspired accents: like the front door in its green splendor, the wallpaper characteristic presence with its black base with floral accents, combo and of course the slight industrial hints carried by the black metal structures (on the exposed ceiling beams and staircase fence) combined with trendy lamps and lighting schemes.

The roof terrace offers privet space where one can enjoy the outdoors in a secluded wooden niche with simple, clear lines and modern expression. The tonality base of the house decor is dark with characteristic accents and cozy emanation. The overall inspiration of the contemporary furniture combinations carries certain Scandinavian simplicity of expression.  Photography by Jack Lovel, Anthony Basheer