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Residential Oasis in Sao Paulo


In a mood for something natural and lush? This private oasis in Sao Paulo, Brazil is designed by architectural studio mf+arquitetos, and it presents us with gorgeous combinations between rich materials palette, intriguing integration between interior and exterior spaces and warm earthly tonalities.

One of the main features of the design composition is the fantastic, movable wooden lattice screens that compose the facade of the house and blur the borders between the lush gardens and the inviting interior. Creating light patterns that adorn the rich natural environment of the interior the wooden structures contrast dynamically with the shining black marble that composes some of the walls and adds noble yet dramatic presence with its white-veined surface.

The interior composition combines purity of forms and straight lines with intriguing lighting scheme reflected upon rich textural combinations (from the inviting textiles and leather elements to the natural stone, the magnificent marble, and rich wood structures). The designers entwined the golden shine of the earthly tonalities with dramatic black, gray and lush green accents to compose inviting and cozy color palette.

The exotic interior decor combines custom-made structures, large inviting furniture pieces, art accents and contemporary lightning scheme with the natural feel of the materials palette. Thanks to undefined in-out borders the vibrant natural plants leak into the inner premises – including in the so invitingly looking bathroom space and that together with the rich wooden cladding, structures and furniture gives a natural feel to the home.  Photography by Felipe Araujo