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Renovation Transforms Small Cottage into an Modern Home


The design concept of this modern home located in Victoria, Australia is simple yet sophisticated and alluring. While renovating and re-imagining the old workers cottage the architects from Richard King Design kept to hart the sustainability and the principals of passive design, introducing clever architectural solutions for cross ventilation, natural illumination, and temperature modification.

Vast windows to the east compose the facade which is not only beautiful characteristic of the house architecture, but it is also natural illumination and heating knack. Additional skylights and openings cleverly introduce abundant natural sunlight into the interior. Polished concrete floors capture the heat of the morning sun and releases it slowly throughout the day, 3000-liter tank collects rainwater for reuse. This thoughtful approach towards the house integrity is combined with beautiful custom-made fittings and structures, natural materials palette and modern clear-lined interior design.

The two mezzanine floors of the home are connected by a beautiful staircase that entwines wood and black metal and is part of an intriguing custom-made composition that offers not only elegant shelving but also a cute reading niche. The interior finishes are warm and natural, with wood in different shades that are mixed with other sophisticated materials such as Carrara marble, which provides classic elegance and resistant surfaces, or the gorgeous polished terrazzo floors that introduce trendy touch into the interior composition. Textural additions, modern furniture design pieces, fashionable lamps and elegant decor details round up the house expression.  Photography by Tom Roe