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Japan Micro House with Small Zen Garden


How inserting living plants and mini Zen gardens into traditional Japanese house can bring the contemporary design into life? This beautiful Japanese home is built on a challenging site narrow and deep – so the architects form Hearth Architects had to use a specific traditional style “Unagi no Nedoko” typical for the houses in Kyoto, to compose the premises.

Close connection with nature was eminent – as Asian home styles demand, from the materials selection: abundance of beautiful wooden structures, cladding, and furniture; to the surrounding and intruding gardens that introduce living nature and changing seasons as a protagonist of the design composition. Although small, the home offers typical Asian minimalism of design enriched by the dynamic architectural solutions: specific openings for the inside garden insertions, unexpected corners, and space distribution.

The abundance of wood – as cladding, custom-made structures, and beautiful furnishing gives a warm and cozy feel to the design composition. Small Zen garden corners introduce fresh green accents and close connection with nature into the home decor. The furnishing is minimalist but with strong presence – including the deep blue sofa that invites and evokes relaxation. The bathroom with its stylish wooden cladding, characteristic suspended sink, and cute miniature tile composition is particularly charming.  Photography by Yuta Yamada