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Beirut Roof Extension Project by Notan Office


This roof extension apartment design located in the dense area of Beirut and re-imagined by the Brussel based office of Notan Office exudes coolness into the warm climate and elegant urban feel that has modern industrial touches entwined with natural compositional elements.

A home of contrasts – starting from the juxtaposition between the urban scenery that surrounds the apartment and the calm expression of its modern decor, visible also in the chosen material’s selection: shining terrazzo for cool flooring, row concrete slabs for walls and ceiling and gorgeous wooden accents that highlight the natural feel of the decor; contrast can even be found in the way that the dark gray fugues surround the white tile composition. The architects have added some sustainability components while re-imagining the apartment: solar panels and huge water tank composed of the same material and color expression as the design base. Surrounded by terrace the living space opens towards it in two opposed sides securing cross-ventilation to the spacious and sunny premises.

Particular freshness characterizes the central living premises design: the cool gray tones of the color base replicates in softer textural components; like the modern couches gray upholstery. This monochrome base is accentuated by natural wood defiles: smart and unique selection of rustic wooden coffee tables, furniture, and structures. Glass insertions and trendy custom made cabinetry complete the stylish arrangement. The beautiful wooden frames of the vast windows give a warm textural accent to the shining grays of the primary composition and anchor a natural feel to the design. Unusual shapes and corners characterize the kitchen premise. Here the tile and bricks addition to the materials palette are accentuated by contrasting fugues. The trendy terrazzo flooring (made by crushed white marble) gives continuity to the premises.  Photography by Leva Saudargaité