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Classic Modern Home With A Sense Of Traditional Elegance by Interdio


The elegant and classic features of this modern home designed by Interdio are decided in light and monochrome color palette and evoke calm and serene atmosphere. Intriguing focal point into the open layout living premises becomes the staircase structure with its illumination project, its elegant suspended curve and clear glass partitions that give a dynamic feel to the composition.

The materials palette (from the beautiful wood flooring to the modern furniture pieces and rich upholstery) adds to the elegant and sophisticated emanation of the decor. The color base that combines whites and cappuccino hues is underlined by dark gray accents. The furniture pieces are comfortable with classic clean lines and inviting soft textures.

In the master bedroom, trendy velvet upholstery and rich textural components give a welcoming and cozy emanation to the design. The bathroom’s design is modern and decided in inviting warm tonalities. Intriguing lighting solutions are introduced throughout the design.  Photography by Leonas Garbačauskas