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Colorful Brazilian Home Inspired by Ethnic Decor Styles


This contemporary Brazilian home‘s design caries the signature of high individualism and imaginative atmosphere. The designer Juliano Camargo offers strong color contrasts, a juxtaposition of materials: shining white lacquer floors and exposed brick walls, solid natural wood and plastic furniture in unusual shapes, ethnic textural design and futuristic lamps and furniture additions. The house is composed with dynamic and entertaining attention towards the detail that secures strong character and very welcoming atmosphere.

Each space of this Sao Paulo home offers entertaining and so to say talkative decor composition – contrasts and characteristic accents are the key. In the dining area, the solid wood table with rustic charm is surrounded by trendy plastic chairs from Moroso. In the living room, next to the spectacular vast window views, the simple elegance of the white sofa is surrounded by futuristically shaped chairs and lamps.

The kitchen offers another artistic angle of the designer’s view, a combination of beautiful tile arrangement: the pure white on the walls and the black and white pattern on the floor; enriched by contemporary appliances, black metal insertions, and custom made structures.

The cozy reading area offers the dynamic accent of the characteristic orange armchairs laid on a beautiful textural carpet with ethnic spirit and the accent of the cute shelf structure. We particularly love the sentiment of ethnic elements, cozy textures and elegant modern furnishing that composes the bedrooms – each with its artistic character- the whimsical hammock in the child’s room, the custom-made bed structure and most especially the gorgeous wooden floors made by solid wooden slabs.

The bathroom snapshot offers exquisite symmetry of the contradiction technique used by the designers: combining trendy brass appliances, rustic and natural elements in their most pure form and elegant cottage-charm decorations; the space has a solid presence and elegant statement. The large deck-terrace with its minimal but modern furnishing enjoys (as well as rest of the large windows frames throughout the home) the beautiful surroundings.  Photography by Maira Acayaba