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Luxury Restaurant Decor with Minimalist Furniture by MDDM Studio


Lievito is a new edge Chines design for a restaurant – one that exudes style, restrain minimalism and inviting luxury. The creation of MDDM Studio is combining trendy and hot materials like brass and copper with an even more fashionable emanation of terrazzo in its luxurious form.

The quiet elegance of the decor composition is very catching singular material palette: very few elements but used wisely and with style. The black steel that frames lamps, furniture and decorative items, the shining accents of the brass details: form the simple elegance of the circle that reminisces the clear-lined logo of the establishment to large cubes and structures that give glittering focal points to the premises. And last but not least the beautiful gray texture of the prevailing material – the rich tactile sensation of the cool stone with the dynamic and artistic terrazzo patterns – that gives the place elegant luxury and intriguing style.

Evolving from very public (the large window opening by the river) to very privet in the cozy back dining areas the design fallows the float of natural light and secures different atmosphere for its customers. Different space levels signify the different areas of the restoring while living them connected and communicative. Small decorative elements in brass enrich the space without breaking the grey palette – this introduces a contemporary cool into the monochrome elegance. The different textural compositions: from shining to the mat, from smooth to abrasive, from soft gray upholsteries to cool black metal; further enhances the specific atmosphere and charm of this interior decor composition. Photography by Jonathan Leijonhufvud