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Dark-Coloured Apartment Decor in Vilnius


It is always so impressive to observe how old structures come to a new life – the combination of historic character and modern interpretation of interior design is always a fine line where creativity, style, and spirit entwine.

In the case of this urban apartment located in a historical building in the heart of Old town of Vilnius the architects from Viktorija Design studio had done excellent job exposing the beautiful old features of the premise: gorgeous wooden beams on the ceiling, arched doors and niches, smoky European oak parquet boards, polished, coated with natural oil. Mixing all this beauty with a trendy dark color palette, renown design pieces of furniture and glass lamps and custom-made structures that redefine functionality and inviting emanation.

The prevailing gray hues of the color palette with the intriguing spin towards dim green in the master bedroom and brownish hues in the bathroom gives specific rustic charm, with a contemporary spin, to the premises. The large furniture pieces – smoke glass lightning solutions and the massive dark custom-made fittings of the kitchen and the living room introduce a character and specific emanation of modern design that not only underlines the old spit of the home, but it gives a trendy read on urban comfort.

Well placed textural components like the central zoning achieved by contemporary rugs and carpets, the rich textural presence of the luxurious marble accents in the bathrooms, the stylish gray upholstery in the sitting zones (bout in dining room area and living room resting space) introduces focal accents, textural delight and inviting, well balanced design composition.  Photographer: Leonas Garbacauskas