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A Good Place to Enjoy a Cup of Coffee


Project In’s Cafe is another intriguing work by Ris Interior Design Co. Taiwanese studio uses luxury materials such as marble, brass, glass and wood paneling to mold a refined atmosphere to enjoy a cup of coffee.

This secret garden nearby hillside is come from a renovation of a residential garage, to construct a coffee shop encompassing greenhouse courtyard seat. The building in teal palette comprises facade with molding posts sophisticatedly designed in recessed and fluted details. At the front courtyard area, the seat affords a panoramic view through colonial window grid; on the other side, the green wall attaches to pine fence panels, permeating garden breeze to the greenhouse. Entering into an indoor seat, the solid wood kitchen attracts attention, alongside distressed tin tiles which give another complementary distinction, imbuing with a wave of nostalgia for classics.  Photography: Hey!cheese Photography