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Clay Bricks Look Like Chocolate in a Restaurant Decor


Who doesn’t love chocolate? The designers of this fusion restaurant in Pingtung City, Taiwan used chocolate and cocoa as their inspirational reference when creating the dream-like ambiance of the place. Beautiful clay bricks that look like chocolate blocks stacked upon one another compose one of the entrance area’s walls, chairs with hexagonal shapes like bonbons, walls with the texture and color tonalities of cocoa powder – everything is delicious and crated with attention and love towards the detail and of course towards the chocolate.

The contemporary designers from HAO Design used unconventional materials such as faux rust boards and metal pipes to compose the architectural shell of the building that grabs the attention from afar with its smoot warm brown facade, cubical shapes, and blocs that possess the silkiness of a chocolate surface.

The interior decor combines an atmosphere of light industrial style merged with a tropical flair. Here the exposed pipes, polished concrete floors and metal frames are in dialogue with the warm tonalities, soft textures, tropical plants and green accents (as well as some rainforest details that reminiscent the tropical forest in which the cocoa beans grow).

The Coco Republic restaurant offers many hidden surprises like the vintage bar – car that stands on a floor on which smart design solution appears like a warm chocolate was spilled. Rich textures that tickle the tongue of the customers with their chocolate flavor and bold design combinations that give unique and characteristic atmosphere in which to enjoy the gourmet kitchen and the untypical restaurant ambiance.  Photography: Hey!cheese Photography