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Modern One Bedroom Apartment in Vilnius


Architects Vaida Atkocaityte, Valdemar Stupak, Viktoras Ceika share their new interior design project from Vilnius, Lithuania. The charming city dwelling is an example of a good organization of space and offers everything a man needs.

A small apartment in a new modern architecture building standing in Vilnius old town is intended for renting. The aim was to organize the main function of 40 sqm apartment for an unknown occupier. The concept of this small apartment is clear axial line which divides two spaces visually and functionally. The first is the relaxation area (bedroom and living room), the second is the living area (entrance hall, bathroom, and kitchen). Natural, high-quality and highly durable materials are used for the interior. Extremely thin and large size ceramic slab are used in extremely vulnerable areas for corridor, bathroom and kitchen walls and floors.

The coziness of the interior is created by different veneers of natural wood used for kitchen and wardrobe facades, living room shelves and bedroom walls. The colors of the natural earth are complemented by accents of sky blue color. The interior also leaves space for the personal belongings and artworks of the future inhabitants.  Photographer: Leonas Garbacauskas