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Casual Luxury of Brighton 5 by InForm


Contemporary and light, two cubical volumes on top of each other: spaciousness, free flow of air, exposed concrete constructs that introduce modern industrial touch into the suburban elegance of the home – this is the pavilion project of InForm architectural studio in Brighton, Australia.

The modern silhouette of the two-story residential pavilion includes open plan living room, study and a master bedroom on the ground floor (with direct access to the garden deck and swimming pool area) and three kids’ bedrooms on the upper floor. The entwinement of glass, timber, and concrete compose a simple and modern facade with its character and a hint of elegant luxury.

The interior design incorporates the smooth gray surfaces of the concrete constructs into its elegant composition easily. Led by different tonalities of gray the interior decor palette is accentuated by black and white elements (as trendy lighting pieces, furniture, and decoration details) and the warm presence of wood structures and furnishing. The intriguing and luxurious interior of the home gives fresh, clean and elegant atmosphere. Textural play and gorgeous details add to the welcoming and stylish emanation.  Photo: Derek Swalwell