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Brick House That Looks Warm Cozy and Inviting


This contemporary house project of Andrew Burges Architects located at North Bondi, Sydney, Australia is featuring not only clever architectural solutions, that deal with the limited sun, privacy and view issues, but also present us with modern approach towards sustainability, exquisite materials palette and stylish design.

The house construct entwines black and light timber, Victorian Ash glulam beams, American oak ceilings and the beautiful Petersen’s Kolumba bricks structures. Introducing double-height skylight voids and volumes the architects secure not only abundance of natural light and clever cross ventilation system, but also unique expression and arrangement of spaces. The robust natural palette that draws the exterior materials into the public elements of the interior is introducing fresh and clean emanation into the decor. The furnishing is modern, elegant and inviting with well-placed textural components, trendy lighting solutions, intriguing art pieces and custom-made structures.

The entwinement of timber and brick constructs, light and dark shades and unusual sculptural solutions of the architecture give this modern house unique character and intriguing design expression. The natural materials used in the architectural shell translate into the interior, the stylish furnishing: gorgeous wooden tables, fittings, and decorations; and bring freshness and elegant structure. Large furniture pieces from leather and wood with warm textural accents adorn the interesting architectural volumes with their unique shapes.  Photography by Peter Bennetts