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Minimalist House Interior in Black and White Decor


The BNW project of MAKA Studio offers us an exquisite monochromatic palette, contemporary furnishing and unusual approach towards modern interior design.

The place is sustained in dynamic combinations between black and white furniture, finishing, and details – that although designed with close attention towards the detail reveals the beauty of the color simplicity and the richens of shapes, textures and design elements. Using the Scandinavian stylistic of the furniture arrangement the designers introduce renowned brands that raise the style and value of this home: the lighting solutions from Tom Dixon and Moooi add to the specific charm of the premises. Fantastic furniture pieces from contemporary designers like the sofa from Bouroullec brothers that offers comfort and stylish appearance to the living room arrangement – are entwined with custom-made structures and appliances.

Redefining the concept of inviting and comfy interior decor by only using two main colors, without the additional colorful spots, the designers show that relaxing and welcoming home are possible even when sustained in restrict monochromatic palette. Alternating black and white the designers allow the intriguing contemporary shapes and elegant aesthetics s of the trendy furniture pieces to become a main focal point of the layout: dynamic black sofa on prevailing whiteness, cozy white armchair on a shining black surface. In the bedroom, few craft-design wooden pieces of furniture bring warm textural accent to the interior composition. The bathtub, set in open floor arrangement in front of panoramic windows, gives a sense of inviting luxury and trendy approach towards space distribution. Exquisite, stylish and in a way very simple this interior inspired by contemporary Scandinavian design, is presenting us with an intimate atmosphere and inviting luxury.  Photography by Tom Kurek