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Apartment with a Custom-Made Plywood Interior


Intriguing design pieces, furniture selection that is modern and practical, luminous materials palette, cute accents: like the full-wool cushions that look like stones or the mercury-like mirror; all these memorable details are composing this contemporary duplex project designed by 3XA architectural studio and located in Wrocław, Poland.

The place is immediately capturing us with its clear and fresh aesthetics (polywood structures and simple color palette), with its playful and entertaining modern spirit of the design shapes. Although space it’s not big this multi-generation apartment resumes in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom division that included an office and open living-dining and kitchen zone.

And of course, with entrance the communal living premises immediately capture our attention – the kitchen zone with its polywood structures, custom-made cabinetry and staircase composition is combined with fashionable design furniture pieces and offers freshness and certain luminosity of expression. The lamps with their flexible shapes and black frames become interesting focal point together with some art-design elements and give intriguing character to the otherwise serene arrangement of the living-dining and kitchen zone assembly.

Design elements like the materials palette and the color selection are kept light and neutral with bold additions and accents spread here and there to evoke a dynamic response and memorable presence. Like the dark wall statement in our favored picturesque landscape of space – the balcony, here the contrast between the white and black trendy furniture selection is replicated by the juxtaposition of the dark base and the vital green life range. Strong composition statements are arranged throughout the apartment and give specific contemporary characters of the place. The exquisite materials palette together with the general simplicity of expression makes this modern apartment a memorable design piece on the today’s’ interior design scene.  Photography by Stanisław Zajączkowski