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Apartment that Nails the Modern Classic Look


Maintaining an elegant balance between modern and classic styles the Lithuanian designer Kristina Lastauskaitė-Pundė composed this holiday home interior by mixing old urban and trendy hints, neutral color palette and strong wood and color accents, natural materials and unusual solutions.

Located in Druskininkai the neoclassical building in which the apartment is set gives the tone for the interior design composition. Exceptional design solutions like the dark gray finishing of the ceilings (that adds to the cozy and inviting atmosphere of the home) the brick-like tile cladding of the bathroom, the custom made furniture and fittings and the mixture of design styles gives this modern home its unique character and memorable presence.

The kitchen and dining zone is dominated by different shades of gray with a strong warm accent made by the natural materials selection of wood and leather that composes the dining area. The glitter of the dingers handles of the classic furniture is spot on. Trendy lamp choice gives a jazzy touch to the composition.

Throughout the apartment, the lighting solutions and lights attracted the attention and became interesting focal design detail. In the living room the strong statement of the texture choices (velvet never fails) and the color spots that are characteristic and dynamic, give unique, inviting atmosphere.

The bedrooms offer simple, quiet retreat (with an abundance of natural light) that again combines the classic and trendy trails of the design. Like the juxtaposition between the classic features of the wooden parquet beneath and the stylish and unusual dark gray smoothness of the ceiling above, the apartment is a combination of styles and unexpected appearances.