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Barcelona Restaurant Features Eclectic Design


Contemporary, eclectic restaurant design, which makes the food consummation an enjoyable and entertaining experience with its vital graphic features and intriguing solutions.  La mama y el papa bar and restaurant are located in Barcelona, Spain – one of our favorite destinations for art and trendy design of public spaces and restaurants.

Is developed by El Equipo Creativo, a creative team that played with the duality and the mixture of opposites: man-woman (mother and father), black-white, day-night, disco space and cozy family dinner. This juxtaposition of opposites and the dynamic atmosphere that it carries is reflected in the selection of the materials: polished woods on walls, original concrete or birch constructs, ceramic mosaic pavements with Mediterranean air next to the wood and dark or industrial metal plates – the contrasts are dynamic and infinite.

Preserving some of the original charming features of the old warehouse that hosts this charming restaurant and bar project, the architects underlined the high structural personality of the premises painting some of the metal frames and structures in intense red and adding intriguing and artistic lighting solutions to accentuate the original industrial characteristics of the space. Four large neon lights welcome the customers – again stating the play of opposites in the design concept.

Under the large arches of the original construct the restaurant-bar “El Mama” offers more diurnal and cozy atmosphere, with details in wood and a lot of fresh green plants and at the opposite end, the cocktail bar “El Papa” under the black arch, is sustained in more nocturnal notes in trendy dark counterpoint, metallic and industrial. Space is dynamic and entertaining with multiple levels, routes through spaces, benches, and bars. Red, blue and glittering color accents together with variations of surface textures: from glossy glass to matt metal – give the premises jazzy and playful atmosphere.

In these premises, we can observe multiple design details that are reminiscent of vintage inspired elements. In fact, a contemporary designers’ read – a hint of a disco-boll with a modern twist and artistic elements, designer’s project of old American diner leather benches, David Lynch inspired red velvet draperies and decadent elements and Mediterranean tile floor patterns – it’s a little bit like a celebration of unusual designers’ interpretations. Photography by Adrià Goula