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Modern and Trendy Space with Ethnic Elements by 2BOOKS design


This project of one of our favorite Asian designers 2BOOKS design is set in a standard city apartment layout in Hsinchu, Taiwan but the designers succeeded in creating a unique and expressive space that shows its individuality and contemporary character.

With typical for the designer’s minimalism and elegance of expression, the apartment composition offers a capturing combination of modern and trendy with sudden ethnic elements and rustic charm details that introduce texture, color, and warmth into the design. The places are arranged in the definite lined secession of furniture and fittings that offer spaciousness and smart direction of vision. Elegant and trendy the metal, black frame and clear glass doors blur the boundaries, creating spacious and flexible public areas.

The color combinations used in the decor are creating the space character and interconnecting the different premises in one conceptual unit. Using soft shades of gray and beige in various textures, highlighted by the white base of the color scheme, the designers harmonize the expression of the premises. The urban character of the apartment is underlined by the usage of specific materials choices: the polished concrete floors, the occasional black metal frame and construct -in lighting scheme, and furniture; the shining stainless steel statement of the kitchen island, that adds another textural expression into the cray shade collection of the color palette; and the wooden accents that act as anchors for the visual expression of the materials arrangement. All is well composed and measured and as usual combined with impeccable taste.  Photography by moooten studio