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Modern Three Level Terrace in Melbourne by Doherty Design Studio


As we have mentioned before, we enjoy exploring the latest tendencies in modern Australian design – a fast developing sphere, much like the contemporary Asian interior design scene – with intruding and stylish spirit and characteristic features. In this case, the influence of modern Italian interior design trends is visible, but the signature of Doherty Design Studio is unique and speaks with its memorable voice.

The dynamic, fun and artistic decor presented to us by this modern three-level terrace in inner-city of Melbourne is a result of collaboration between the Inarc Architects and Doherty Design Studio. The unique character and high impressive presence of the decor composition come not only because of the bold and vital color combinations, the trendy pieces of modern furniture and custom-made details and fittings but also because of the ingenious mixture and juxtaposition of textures and shapes – unique and personalized for each premise and space public or privet.

In the living room, the play of the sophisticated materials mix, textures and shapes includes some trendy, artistic and bright details. The upholstery of the fashionable Moroso chairs and the graphic appearance of the metal coffee table (again by Moroso) is replicated as a play of light and dark pictures negative cladding around the fire place. Golden and black accent (as small decorative elements or fashionable lamps and pieces of art) underline the essential whiteness of the composition. The same combination of white base with characteristic black or bold color accents can be observed throughout the premises. We especially love the steel mesh staircase that introduces a slight industrial influence and bright, colorful accent.

Many thoughtful and artistic details in this interior can capture the imagination: from the unusual pieces of art and trendy lamps to the custom made fittings and small details: like the handlers of closets and drawers, but is undoubted that the designer had composed the place with great attention towards the detail and with a swing of imagination. The luxurious and intriguing materials palette includes a great variety of expressive materials – from ceramic tiles, mirrors, steel mesh, fluted glass, terrazzo tiles to stone, light and dark timber veneers, timber-lined ceilings and oak floors beauty and playful imagination compose the premises and evoke joy and trendy urban-chic feeling.  Photography by Derek Swalwell