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Modern Warehouse Conversion in the Creative Hub


As you have probably noticed we very much love the contemporary Australian architecture and design (especially when renovating old Victorian or art deco buildings), but this goes not only for the privet residences but also for the modern public and office design.

This project of Biasol studio – a dynamic warehouse conversion in Cremorne, an inner-city suburb of Melbourne impresses with its welcoming simplicity, inviting colors and combination between modern industrialism and cozy, cultural hub. Preserving the original brick and steel constructs of the warehouse the designers added a refreshing vibrant pink and gray palette for the stylish facade, which continues inside as a subtle highlight and successfully entwined the historical heritage of the building with contemporary innovations, modern custom made furniture and fresh and stylish design.

The inner premises a sunny, open and with a well-balanced combination between functional-industrial and elegant chic. The atrium like openness of the main corpus (thanks to a very hot construction of black metal and vast windows) hosts the cozy, modern and unique furniture selection, textile and art compositions with impressive voices – just check out those custom work stations or the art deco inspired chairs and sofas.

The pastel and fresh color combinations are in harmony with the chosen and inherited materials palate: the smooth gray concrete floors, the nets of metal and glass, which have different roles throughout the premises, the wooden accepts and textile piece and the industrial hints of the brick wall and original construct; all is supplementing and complimenting each other. Attention towards the detail, fresh and welcoming arrangement and functional distribution of space according to the needs of the inhabitants characterize this amazing contemporary work space. Photography by Ari Hatzis