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Weekends Single Story House Unites Openness and Modernity


In the summer heat here is something fresh, light and elegant – a housing project of ArqBr Arquitetura e Urbanismo located in the quiet area of Brasilia, Brazil. This weekend’s single story home combines the openness of the liner exposition: framing the outside elements and landscape as portraits, with the seclusion and cozy construct of the privet areas.

Combining wooden structures – as cladding, pathways, and decks, and concrete constructs, that give contemporary and dynamic expression to the architectural composition. The architects achieved unique character and fresh charm for their project. Each of the cubical volumes located on the small plot are orientated towards the inner-courtyard with the swimming pool area or open towards the pastoral landscape surrounding the property. The architectural and design compositions are clear lined, elegant and light giving a fresh and natural flow of spaces and modern, relaxed emanation for the house spirit.

The color combinations of the interior decoration are kept in light, neutral, or pastel tonality corresponding with the ease and openness of the architectural construct and add to the contemporary charm of the decor. Few well-chosen focal points, colorful accents (like the contemporary paintings in the social areas or the well-selected furniture pieces or even the trendy lamps and lighting solutions) give the unique character of the design composition. The gray color of the main architectural frame balanced with the warmth of the wood, the vast open windows and the continuity of the materials palette creates fresh and elegant ambiance.  Photography by Joana França, Haruo Mikami