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A for Architecture Transformed Cottage into a Two-Story Residence


Charming and compact this modern home possesses characteristic features, intense colors and beautiful aesthetics that makes it look like a cartoon character from a beloved story. The Melbourne based design studio A for Architecture transformed a weatherboard workers cottage into a two-story residence for a young family with a dash of creativity and ingenuity.

Although the place is small and with construct restriction, the architects cleverly succeeded to enhance the charming features and to create a dynamic modern home with a strong identity. The pitched roof clad in warm wood, the original brick walls refreshed with contemporary aesthetics, the ingenious construct of the kitchen zone create primes with unforgettable and welcoming presence. The high ceilings, the mirrored skylights and the glass clad back wall compose a space full of light that appears spacious and cozy at the same time.

The interior design of the cottage is contemporary and charming combining the strong colors: black and fresh pastels, with warm natural materials – an abundance of wood, the rich textures of the bricks and terrazzo cladding and beautiful and functional custom made furniture and structures.

The main living premises are open towards the beautiful backyard with a memorable brick pattern of the ground. And feature characteristic constructs: the kitchen premise replicates the pinched roof with a solid black construct and is interconnecting the front and the back of the home. The living zone has a spacious, modern and dynamic emanation thanks to the high, clad in a wood ceiling, and the charming combination of comfortable and elegant furniture.

Small working space with custom made construct is located above the stairs. Attention toward the detail and clever insertions are characteristic for this home design. The alteration of solid back structures and furniture, the warm wood cladding and additions and the fresh, crisp whiteness of the brick paint create a contemporary and dynamic ambiance where one can feel welcomed and refreshed after a long day at work.