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Hong Kong Apartment Reimagined by MNB Design Studio


Delicate pastel color combinations, dynamic unfinished-like structures, a minimalist language where less is more and beautiful views are the characteristic features of this contemporary Hong Kong apartment created by mnb design studio.

Using honest and organic materials palette: concrete and delicate wood the designers composed a clean and fresh ambiance with a focus on space communication between layers and details. Unusual and characteristic design elements – like the hose-shaped wooden frame that defines the dining area or the elevated bed spots create a unique homey feeling of the design where the attention towards the details, the space orientations and the unusual design approach create the character of this modern dwelling.

The main living premise is clad and furnished in minimalist language (typical for the modern Asian stylistics) with light wood that introduces luminous and fresh feeling. Space is open and communicative. Custom made design details like the suspended concrete bench or the wooden paneling of the wall give the contemporary character of the ambiance.

The master bedroom offers beautiful arrangement: breathtaking panoramic view under the sloped concrete roof and an elevated wooden niche are the features of the space that give contemporary and unique character. The other bedrooms also offer characteristic signature arrangement with custom made fittings and storage spaces and delicate wooden structures of the design. The bathroom offers clean and dynamic concrete composition that lives no doubt of the modern and functional design of the home. The premises of the apartment are light luminous and composed with trendy style and attention towards the detail. Another beautiful example of modern Asian design.  Photography by Raven Leung