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Classical Style Apartment by Shiang Chi Interior Design


Have you ever thought of entering a different world after opening a door? Design by Shiang Chi Interior Design, this apartment is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

The modern style brings easiness and allows people to get away from the mundane affairs. The industrial style goes against the trends and advances to an undeniable position in history. The classical style’s elegance reflects one’s maturity and inner self. The casual American style mixes with the slightly restrictive architectural concrete challenges the possibilities of space utilization. The combination of these different styles liberates the limitations of space and lets people and space attain a comfortable symbiotic relationship.

This space balances materials, styles, colors, and shades in ways to reflect its peaceful unpretentious nature. Simplicity does not mean boring. Combining different styles does not mean chaotic. Catering to the needs of family members of different ages, space combines practicality and relaxation without extravagance while offers conduits to life itself.