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Simple and Row Concrete Casa G


The contemporary minimalism of expression of this Mexican house project entwines the robust, simple and row concrete structures with the unique handmade bricks (made on site).

The spacious infinity of the ravine on the edge of which the house is located and the dynamic shapes of the house itself are supplementing each other in unexpected and contradictorily way. The architects from g3arquitectos had composed the house in such a manner that additional heating and cooling won’t be needed – the cross-ventilation and isolation form the intense Mexican sun is embedded into the expressive architectural construct of the home.

The interiors are spacious with unusual orientation and shapes, clad in rich materials palette:  the handmade bricks compose the ceiling structure, caramel wood and cooling tiles clad the premises. The furnishing and the interior design of the house are a mixture of contemporary shapes, local craft and vintage hints of the 50’s and 60’s design. Large leather furniture pieces invite for comfort and relaxation. The combination of robust concrete slabs, the vast clear glass windows, and the extensive wooden cladding evoke a modernistic feeling of distant past. The lighting scheme is also intriguing, and with secretive expression, hidden lamps, unexpected light angles, and discrete illumination create an atmosphere of tranquil comfort with a hint of jazzy mystique.  Photography by Yoshihiro Koitani