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Switchback House


Naming their home project Switchback the architectural duo Edmonds + Lee Architects set the tone for a place of serene minimalism and restrained elegance. A design style that says everything is precisely where it should be and the charm and luxury are just delicate hints of presence.

Contemporary elegance and luminous minimalism are the main features of this San Francisco house. Designed by a couple architect and developer, the house expresses the particular freedom that comes from being experienced architects finally doing their own dream house. The facade of the house is a dynamic, smart and artistic celebration of the density of the city and as a well-balanced juxtaposition, the interior composition is light, spacious and airy.

Vast windows invite an abundance of light and entertaining city landscape into the social areas, but thanks to the clever architectural approach the privacy of the inhabitants is guaranteed. The house has unusual layout – the living room and social areas are situated on the top floor, the family bedrooms are underneath, and the ground level is designed as a separate lodgings, at this time for rental but when the children of the family grow up it will secure them independent space.

The house arrangement and design possesses particular lightness and clean feeling of expression that is conducive to relaxing and welcoming time. Smooth surfaces that are easy to maintain and with a cheerful expression, good quality materials: wood for cladding and furniture, steel for framing and staircase constructs, simple dry wall for finishing; elegant, comfortable and expressive. The restrained style, light emanation and the contemporary minimalism of the home, interior are bringing a certain magic to the house presence, it is obvious that the house is composed with love, attention towards the detail and clever architectural approach.