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Stockholm Office Transformed into a Vital Home


We simply love homes like this with strong, unique personality and undeniable charm – a place that combines the vintage charms of its past with delightful fresh additions and artistic view for its feature.

This old Stockholm office was transformed into a vital home by Note Design Studio using the original features of the apartment as a stepping stone, an inspiration on the base of which the new modern home was built. The splendor of decorations on the ceilings and carpentry, the gorgeous wooden patterns of the parquet and the three majestic tile-clad fireplaces are the inspirational accents around which the new character was composed.

The memorable color palette of the apartment – each space with its variations of a basic pastel color, was also inspired from the original traces found in the apartment. The designer discovers that the three fireplaces are composed in their one tonality of green, pink and yellowish-white, so used that as a base for the bold and vital color palette for the whole apartment.

Combining the beautiful vintage traces of the space with a smart, artistic approach and trendy new additions the designer’s composed unique space with unforgettable presence. The aesthetic design of the modern lamps goes unexpectedly well with the gorgeous decorative ornaments of the ceilings.

The usage of trendy terrazzo for the creation of the kitchen island, the coffee table and other details throughout the apartment gives high contemporary accent and intriguing focal points for the spaces. The furnishing itself is a combination of modern elegance, comfort, trendy and custom-made additions, some of which draw their inspiration from another epoch.

Exploring the different spaces of this apartment is like being part of a fairytale – vibrant pastel colors and bold combinations, inspired design elements, artistic touches and even the light that filters through the rich textures of the curtains, decorated in the same tonality as the spaces she fills up, is adding to the magic of the premises.