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Hawaiian Pavilions with Beautiful Tropical Landscape


A little piece of paradise? A tropical mixture of contemporary luxury and vernacular architecture and characteristic spirit from the Polynesian Islands is offered by those exquisite pavilions, an architectural creation of Olson Kundig with interiors designed by RP Miller.

The impressive Hawaiian home is set amongst beautiful tropical landscape, view towards the distant ocean and uniquely long swimming pool that becomes the main focal center of the lush gardens. The house features a series of interconnected, exotic wooden pavilions where most of the living spaces are on the upper floors – securing in this way the prospect towards the ocean and the talented architectural protection from the elements. Movable wooden louvers, roof flaps, suspended bridges and exposed timber frames are just part of the clever architecture, securing not only functional ventilation and circulation between the spaces but also unique design expression and charm that combines modern and traditions.

The interior design composition is an eclectic mixture e of contemporary luxury, traditional local elements (including the organic materials palette) and some trendy playful elements. Local craftsmanship elements, furniture, and textures are combined with stylish functionality: like in the kitchen, and dining room zone; where shining and high-tech kitchen appliances are supplemented by cozy traditional sitting area, gorgeous textures and uniquely designed dining table.

Glass partitions and modern architectural elements coexist harmoniously with handcrafted wooden furniture and pieces of local art. In the living room premises, examples of vernacular craftsmanship coexist with rich textural elements, elegant modern pieces, and gorgeous materials palette. Altogether the pavilions that compose this luxurious Hawaiian home – including the bar-pavilion by the majestic swimming pool are a contemporary creation of dynamic modern life that successfully captures the charms of the traditions and the exquisite organic presence of the natural elements and materials.