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Elegance and Youthful Spirit at House Project by Studio Toota


This contemporary Lithuanian house project designed by studio Toota possesses impressive aesthetic based on clear lined elegance, urban dynamics of materials palette and details. The designers paid special attention to the windows as a protagonist of the decor composition – beautiful view fragments in exquisite wooden frames and spacious; clear glass structures are an impressive interior detail.

Windows that introduce light and natural beauty into the interior but also play a role as decor unit – from cozy sitting and reading space to a desk for the working zone: the windows become a snapshots or landmarks throughout the interior composed of trendy, modern materials. The exposed concrete slabs of the ceiling are balanced by the smooth surfaces of the wooden floors, robust shapes of black metal are juxtaposed by soft furniture, cushions and textural elements in soft pastel pink, the neutral grays of the color palette are accentuated by characteristic details in black or blue. This dynamic correlation between seeming opposites is very well balanced and brings contemporary dynamics and stylish elegance to the design composition.

The main living area are organized in open-space fluidity that possesses a clean and free spirit of expression – something achieved with grace not only because of the abundance of the natural light, the clear-lined beauty of the design and the furnishing but also thanks to the natural materials palate used in a balanced manner evoking strong organic feeling.

Trendy design furniture piece and decorative insertions like the suspended Aim lamp by Bouroullec and Inga Sempé’s Beau Fixe soft pink armchair for the Ligne Roset. Trendy right now – big and soft pieces of furniture in the living room are cleverly combined with custom made fittings with impressive geometry like the central focal piece of the black half-wall hosting the fireplace, or the white cubicles that adorn one of the walls and play a role of storage or library structure. Those characteristic combination, the restrict and elegant design style and its particular modern life dynamics compose an ambiance of memorable elegance and youthful spirit.