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Glazed Office by Extravagauza Interiors


Great Britain is well known for its beautiful post-industrial Victorian buildings being converted into residential spaces or modern offices. It is no different in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, which is going through its digital revolution. Once the largest coal port in the world, it’s now a hub for a new type of media.

One beneficiary of this is The Maltings – home to many small/medium size companies, from different creative industries. A beautiful Victorian building situated just on the edge of Cardiff Bay, it was once a malt house and was later converted into storage space, and today with a £6m redevelopment turned into modern offices. Glazed Office, a floating glass cube suspended between two Victorian houses, is the last phrase of the investment and is the proverbial icing on the cake. Architecturally designed by Davies Llewelyn & Jones, the new glass construction beautifully contrasts with old brick walls of this historic building. The interior space was designed by Extravagauza Interiors.

Space is created with ‘serious’ business in mind. There is no place for any ‘funky features’ that we see in tech startup HQs. The rest of the building can be less formal, but this is where the annual meetings of the board are going to take place. It is meant to be modern but also to display great dignity. It’s minimalist, but at the same time, it makes you feel welcome. Warm and earthy tones inspired by nature work in harmony to create a sense of occasion. Everything is designed to tell you: ‘You have just entered a business temple. We are going to do a serious business here!’