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Australian Home Combines the Charms of 50’s and 60’s Coastal Bungalow


Situated on a hillside overlooking Sydney’s Middle Harbour this Australian home combines the charms of 50’s and 60’s coastal bungalow house, the contemporary inspirations introduced by the signature hallmarks of Luigi Rosselli Architecture and the historic charms of Martello Towers (small defensive forts that were built across the British Empire during the 19th century).

The eclectic mixture brings distinct character and undeniable charm to the design composition. The interior entwines gouges stone structures, exquisite wooden cladding and additions. Just check the beautiful smooth curves of the staircase – delightful and rich textures and colorful accents, really welcoming and stylish ambiance for a beach home.

The living room premises interior decor combines strong colorful and tactile accent (the contemporary rug in washed red and the deep blue velvet of the comfy chair invite and evoke relaxation), the dining room premise, on the other hand, has more clear lined and serine emanation – the romantic, panoramic windows and the whiteness of the color palette are creating gentle and tranquil ambiance. The study with its custom made, smoothly curved shelving and rich wooden additions presents its ambiance of cozy functionality. The hand woven rug with its bright colors becomes a focal accent and evokes charming, cozy feeling.

Throughout the house, clever insertions and characteristic art pieces: the bathroom tile composition, the trendy lamps, the decorative elements, and paintings, introduce strong personality and thoughtful attention towards the detail. So this contemporary house has it all – the intriguing and unique facade with its eclectic features, the stylish interior composition, the custom made fittings and the trendy pieces, compose a home worth exploring and enjoying. Photography by Justin Alexander, Edward Birch