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Beautiful Beach House near Tamarama


Beautiful beach house, located near Tamarama Beach, Australia and designed with inspiration by Decus Interiors. As the designers admit, it ‘s hard to create strong presence and particular character for your interiors when the main protagonist of the ambiance becomes the breathtaking and as-far-as-the-eye-can-see view of the majestic ocean. But in this case we can honestly say … the mission is accomplished.

Thousand thoughtful and jazzy details, unexpected shapes, artistic elements, beautiful natural elements and strong colors compose an ambiance that is dynamically smart-casual by day and cocktail – chic parties by evening. In the case of this beach home for four the unusual architecture of the house created by Porebski Architects the sophisticated interiors by Decus and the gentile gardens design by William Dangar that envelop the house facade, are in harmonious supplementation of each other.

Unusual undulated shapes become a magnificent scenery of the high-contrast, monochromatic base palette pockets of substances and sparkling jazz (like in the case of the bathrooms miniature tile cladding) or calm darkness and cozy emanation that contrast with the overvaluing beauty and light of the views outside, achieving in this way natural balance and harmony between all the elements of the home.

The designers had entwined the beautiful art collection of the owners with inspired pieces of furniture, lamps, and textiles to compose dynamic modern atmosphere. The most striking example of this harmony is in the main living space where the colorful tapestry painting is reflected as a shapes, tonalities, and textures into the comfy and trendy pieces of furniture and constructs. The clear lined geometric of the kitchen design alternates black cubes and light marble cladding with the accents of elegant wooden chairs and trendy sculptural lamps and presents modern functionality and elegance of design.

The bedrooms reflect the personality of their inhabitants and offer cozy and welcoming ambiance. And of course, the astonishing bathrooms, each with its strong personality and unique character. Brass details and artistic elements add the sparkling glamor to the stylish design composition. Attention towards the detail, harmony between architecture, natural surrounding and modern design are the main features of this unusual beach home.  Photography by Justin Alexander