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P.26 Apartment


Urban luxury created by architectural team Slava Balbek, Alexander Ivasiv​, Yulia Tkachenko​ are located in Kiev, Ukraine. The new Ukrainian architectural and design studios are fast becoming significant players on the world’s design scene and the projects coming from this part of the world always carry trendy, luxurious feeling with a modern edge and intriguing design solutions.

The spacious apartment P.26 is no exception and is worth exploring. Its specific urban atmosphere (that reminds us of a trendy New York loft from an 80’s Woody Allen’s film) is bright, modernistic and carried on with an attention towards the details. The apartment main protagonist is the light – either the natural daylight that penetrates throughout the stunning panoramic window wall that envelops the facade of the space and filters through the ingenious inner wall structures composed of modern, dynamic entwinement of metal frames and glass, or the light that comes from trendy designers’ pieces of lamps and lighting installations.

The material palette used by the architects corresponds with the dynamic urban spirit of the apartment’s design-row concrete slabs give modern expression to the cladding technique, the alternation of quality wood, metal, soft textures and luxurious marble additions rounds up the sophisticated interior decor.

Trendy design pieces of furniture, decorative elements, and quality textures make the place an entertaining modern home. As we said, the design form is accomplished with attention to the detail and eminent style – from the beautiful pots with plants that introduce a fresh green element into the urban ambiance, to the artistic elements and pieces of art spread throughout the long interconnected premise of the main living spaces. From the clever and dynamic fittings that compose the kitchen zone to the modernistic aesthetics of the bathroom premises – everything in this apartment is arranged with style and luxurious touch.  Photography by Andrey Bezuglov​