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Urban Style Vilnius Home by AKTA


The Lithuanian design studio AKTA, which clear-lined and contemporary style we are familiar with from previous articles, had accomplished yet another stylish and modern house project in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Created for six months, this house, home for three, possesses the minimalist and bright features of the designers signature projects.

Elegant minimal decorations, open and bright spaces, delicate accents and restrained color and materials palette – contemporary home with light charm. Rethinking the organization of spaces: the new bathroom occupying the former kitchen area; the designers created functional fluid motion between spaces. Enhanced by the light color palette and the elegant contemporary furnishing the brightness of the interior creates a clean, welcoming sensation for this modern urban home.

The serine and fresh blue accents that vary in hues and tonalities adorn each premise with their delicate and stylish presence and create continuity between different zones: the child’s room playful, fresh emanation and the living room relaxing and modern ambiance. The master bedroom textiles and the bathroom tiles are all entwined by the invisible stylish blue thread. Elegant black framing (literary in the case of the bathroom design) and more like focal accents for the rest of the premises, brings focus and style to the light color scheme. This apartment decor has the light, fresh expression of a contemporary home that invites you to relax and enjoy the ease of modern life.  Photography by Darius Petrulaitis