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Contemporary Read on Traditional Barn House


How do you feel about a fantastic eclectic mixture of characteristic elements – the pastoral surrounding and the simple contemporary read on traditional barn-house, the elegant minimalism of Scandinavian elements in the interior and the luminous ambiance of well-balanced decor?

Well, this beautiful project of Superkül located in the country sides of Canada has it all. The Compass House is created for a family of six and offers the full experience of a charming pastoral landscape that is integrated into the interior composition, entwined with comfortable and stylish modern design. Fully connected it’s amazing surrounding: forests to the west, a hill to the south, and 100 acres of fields to the north and east; the house design and architecture lives and breathes with the changes of the seasons, the sky and the land, the luminous light and the dark notes. The organic and honest materials palette (locally sourced fieldstone, interior clad with white oak and knotty white cedar – which add texture and warmth) enhance the home connection with nature but is cleverly sustained in a modern and advanced way.

All the premises offer clear-lined expression with luminous ambiance and dynamic and stylish furnishing. Light color palette, elegant furniture and lighting pieces, discrete decorations and characteristic Scandinavian simplicity of modern decor are just some of the capturing and noteworthy features of the house. The main living and social places are opened, spacious and elegant. Characteristic elements like the vertical Totem structure of the fireplace on the terrace that is juxtaposed to the calm horizontal layout of the main wing or the openness of the living-dining room assembly – are an expression of the clever architectural composition and the unique design character of this beautiful home.