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Concrete Box House


The sculptural simplicity and dynamic contemporary expression of The Concrete Box House are an excellent example of modern American architecture. A creation of Robertson Design, this modern home possesses a carefully choreographed entry sequence, material clarity and intriguing raw elegance that are worth exploring.

The house design features two raw sculptural elements – a concrete box and a wooden box, both surrounded by the almost spiritual aesthetics of Asian minimalism of gardens and courtyards – secluded, minimalist and tranquil.

The facade possesses simple and modern expression of different textural cubes: wood and concrete; arranged dynamically. A clever rotating panel door leads the visitors and inhabitants into concrete passageway throughout the secluded gardens.

The main living premises are situated in an open plan arrangement in the concrete box where only slight level changes delineate function between dining, kitchen, and living areas. The design composition features clear: lined furnishing, modern and trendy textures and design elements and light color scheme. The privet sections of the house are located on the second floor – into the wooden box, where the luminosity of the white base is a beautiful canvas for the relaxing and inviting interior design arrangement.  Photography by Jack Thompsen

The entwinement of wood and concrete together with the addition of vast glass openings and illuminating technics create a very welcoming and dynamic ambiance where the modern pieces of furniture and the bespoke fittings and structures are beautifully exhibited.