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37 Sqm Apartment With a Cozy Feel and Lots Of Storage


A small, but cozy 37 sq.m. studio apartment was recently designed in Vilnius Old Town. Interior architect Simona Vilute wanted a fresh look with a pop brightly colored. For this modern style light gray was selected as a background matching white, plywood and forest green. Ceramic tiles are a practical solution and can easily add some texture to the interior. The apartment originally was bought with an intention to rent it, so the client wanted the place to be adaptable with high-quality materials.

The bathroom wall was constructed from plywood panels, which was made like a storage place. When planning small spaces, it is important to use every possible corner. For this reason, many types of furniture were custom made to fit the situation. Even though the apartment looks small, but it was managed to designed bathroom, kitchen with as much work top as possible, workplace, dining table and the focus point of space – hanging wardrobe in a living room, that is raised from the floor to look visually lighter.