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Apartment Renovation in Cesena


Located in the historic center of Cesena, Italy this penthouse apartment has been given a new lease on life after an extensive redesign and renovation from Tisselli Studio. Once a disheveled, cluttered apartment, the bold new aesthetic strips back the furnishings and draws on a more conceptual take on space and layout.

Tisselli Studio begun by demolishing the former partition walls to reduce the separation between the spaces of the home and create fluidity of movement. Across two floors, the open spaces have been brightened with clear white walls, new skylights and additional windows for increased natural light. The teak parquet floors are another new addition, again creating consistency between the upstairs and downstairs sections of the home.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature of the home is the bamboo cabinetry, installed in some rooms to create both a strong visual look and a wealth of storage space. These enameled, cylindrical wooden elements have been deliberately selected a range of diameter to create an edgy, textural look. The cabinetry is particularly effective in the kitchen, where a seamless white bamboo wall can be drawn back to reveal the entire panty and storage space.

While the design emphasis is firmly centered on the materials and shape of the spaces, the furnishings have been selected as an integral part of the architectural design – intended to patina over time and reference the overall concept of the home. The creation of the bamboo cabinetry, as well as other pieces throughout the home, emphasize the architect’s passion for stylish, integrated interiors.