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Provence Mansion With A Modern Twist


Spacious, dynamic and modern this sunny home in Israel, adopt honest materials palette – stone, wood, steel, and plaster at their raw appearance; to compose a stylish ambiance.

The architects from Daniel Arev Architecture had used some of the features and stylistic of a “Provence mansion” (according to the brief of the clients) translated in modern and artistic language to create unique appearance and characteristic emanation – the simple and clear lined geometry of the facade, the open double height living premises, the exposed beams of the sloped roof are all a trendy translation of a charming tradition.

Aside from that the interior of the home is decided in contemporary and dynamic language – the simple yet comfortable furnishing, stylish custom-made fittings, metal structures and staircases that connect the different zones of the house are cleverly applied and introduced into the decor.

The premises are sunny and spacious, maximally opened towards the gardens and the privet backyard, allowing the natural light and the carefully selected plant life to become part of the design composition. The color palette possesses absolute luminosity of expression the light hues of the furniture and finishing’s entwine with the warmth of the wood, the dark color accents of the metal and the trendy shapes of lamps and decorations – all together compose well balanced contemporary ambiance.