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Mezzanine Apartment in Gray Colors


The new creation of ZONA Architekci in Poznan, Poland is designed to host the dynamic life of two men. The elegant emanation of the mezzanine apartment is dominated by simple forms, minimalist color compositions and sophisticated materials selection – a modern and comfortable design with strong character and unforgettable presence.

The gorgeous materials palette entwines row concrete blocks with beautiful natural wood, industrial metal with granite constructs, smooth surfaces and trendy dark colors – all composing an ambiance of honest and organic origin. The suspended staircase that leads to the mezzanine floor has a strong graphic presence, very suitable with the aesthetic of the rest of the design: the granite structures, the concrete slabs, the clear-lined contemporary furnishing.

The restrained color palette that entwines the warm hues of the natural wood and the gray and charcoal tonalities of the design components is masculine, elegant and modern. The black accents intrudes dynamic and trendy note to the composition. The designers had opened the premises by demolishing walls, introducing dynamic components, smart lighting scheme (elegant lines of neon adorn floors, walls, and corners) and alternating dark and warm, smooth and expressive features. Combining the personal passions of the bought inhabitants (extensive music collection and Ferrari cars showcase) on a canvas that is simple and expressive the designers add intimate character and personality to the elegant design.