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Layer House


The Layer House as its name suggest is designed as a series of ”layers” and intersections with a contemporary expression that secure abundance of living space, privet vistas and dynamic layout for the modern decor composition. The Robson Rak Architects had used a natural and honest materials selection: concrete, beautiful timber and locally sourced rammed earth. And because the brief was to construct a timeless, spacious house that can host many generations the choice of materials became an important part of that: so it edges gracefully, it is contextually sensitive, requires low maintenance and is sustainable and effective.

Located in coastal Victoria, Australia the site for the house does not offer some particularly exciting views itself, so the architects compensated that with inner courtyards, peaceful wooden terraces, surrounding trees, intriguing decor and architecture.

The interior features comfortable and modern furnishing, elegant, colorful accents and beautiful custom made pieces:  like the green kitchen island clad with tiles that adds dynamic experience and though its color connects the interior and the exterior features. The open plan living premises offer simple and spacious interior with vast windows, clear lined custom made fittings and a great variety of components that compose its modern and characteristic ambiance. Throughout the house, multiple corners and spaces with a secluded vibe, an exciting appearance that invites comfort and relaxation and clever architectural and design choices secure the pleasurable experience of the home inhabitants and guests.