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Modern Addition to Historic House by Gloria Duran


The combination of old stone constructs, wood and water, together with fresh, modern insertions like glass partitions, functional appliances, and furnishing, makes this romantic old house (built in the distant 1850) a beautiful home composed with sophisticated taste and respect to its historical heritage.

The renovation and contemporary extension of the existing historic building are carried by Gloria Duran architectural studio and shoes the harmonic way in which the past and the present can coexist. The infinity pool dominates the long narrow courtyard surrounded by old stone partial walls and new constructs that secure the privacy and seclusion of the premises. The new addition to the house offers semi-opened shelter for the living room premises and invitingly looking sitting area. Modernly furnished and minimalist bathroom premise is also situated here on the ground floor- fresh and minimalist; sauna-like ambiance offers relaxation and enjoyable time.

The original house provides a mixture of beautifully arched ceilings, doorway and window frames, old stone constructs and more contemporary insertions like the transparent glass separation of the second-floor bedroom and the staircase. This combination gives elegant and unique expression to the decor. The furnishing, the LED lighting solutions, the appliances are contemporary, functional and chosen with style and eminent taste. Occasional interior elements that carry vintage hints or antique spirit connect the elegant composition to the house with its romantic past.

The abundance of transparent walls and separations, vast openings, and smart architectural orientation secure a close connection between the gardens and the interior premises. The rich textural components – from the textiles used in the interior decor to the materials selection introduce warm, welcoming and very cozy feeling to this modern home. Naturally looking rugs, serene and mild color palette, clear lined shapes laid on the scene of double height space and abundance of light create organic ambiance close to the historic spirit of the original construct.