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Beautiful House Refurbishment by Gloria Duran Studio


Using signature design elements the architects from Gloria Duran architectural studio had restored this 1900’s house preserving it’s beautiful stone structures, arched ceilings and frames and had added elegant design solutions including a swimming pool area that becomes a focal point of the garden and main fresh view for the outside premises.

Creating a fluid reorganization of the noble spaces around the garden-yard, illuminating darker premises throughout skylights, floor-to-ceiling arched windows and semi-closed terraces the architects achieved serene and welcoming atmosphere, preserving some of the most spectacular original features of the house.

The interior is kept light, elegant and sophisticated – original exposed stone walls alternate with beautiful tile mosaics and organic rugs and tapestries, introducing a romantic old time charm. Contemporary additions as partial white walls and space dividers, trendy and comfortable furniture pieces and appliances and bright lighting scheme add the modern time hint and dynamic comfort to the decor composition.

The white elements are dominating the color palette, reflecting the light and adding luminous and serene feeling to the composition. Mild color additions in gray, beige, muted reds and burgundy are corresponding nicely with the blond wood elements of the design and the beautiful hues of the original stone walls. In this spectacular home, the architects succeeded cleverly to combine characteristic elements (like the arched concession of the gallery that gives particular charm to the facade) with modern technology requirements for sustainability and comfortable living.

In the open plan living premises (that includes kitchen, dining room and living zone) custom made pieces – like the suspended fireplace specifically designed to act as a space divider – are coexisting harmoniously with historical decorations and elements of the architecture. Altogether the house it’s preserving its noble and romantic historical charm with the added bonus of modern time insertions and elegant and characteristic contemporary design elements.