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Modernist-inspired Extension Added to Classic Cottage in Australia


Beautiful unity of a century old classic cottage and inspired modern addition in Australia. When one makes a house extension and additional space development of a century old traditional cottage, one wants to make it right – the new space should not collide with the old one but still should pose its one strong character and presence.

In this case, the Luigi Rosselli Architects had succeeded to create a modern and characteristic house addition that mesmerizes and entertains on its merit. The beautiful undulated shapes of this house addition in Australia make its character unforgettable and quite intriguing. The wraparound swimming pool and the cantilevered second-floor structure are strong features around which the architectural emphasis revolves. The substantial cantilevered first-floor master bedroom is not only characteristic architectural approach toward space composition, but it is also a quite clever and aesthetically intriguing way to provide shade and rain protection to the outdoor terrace ( which we may add has a memorable shape and presence itself). The swimming pool presentation as well possesses aesthetic beauty entwined with practical aspect- fresh and entreating approach.

The interior decoration of the home is modern and comfortable. Here other beautiful shapes and architectural insertions (like the elliptical staircase or the rounded corners and curves of each premise) give the unique character and inviting ambiance of the house. Restrained color palette dominated by the simple white base and warm nuances of beige, gray and brown makes the atmosphere mild and serene. Occasional color accents (yellow lamp here, a purple spot there) add vitality and dynamics to the modern composition.

The furniture arrangement consists of minimal comfort pieces with modern and simple expression, trendy lamps and designer’s pieces and rich textural presence. Typical example – the beautiful kitchen. Here alternation of two nuances of brown wood and its rich texture are laid on a simple white base, and the minimal modern character of the appliances and furniture is still in tune with the rest of the house spirit thanks to its rounded corners and welcoming expression. The vintage and classic details of the old cottage premise are like the cherry on the cake – a bonus addition that straightens the contemporary and simplistic character of the design.