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Backyard House by AD+studio


The art of rounded corners, intriguing floor covers (from the alternation of wood and polished concrete to 3D graphic tiles) and mesmerizing lattice structures – all featured in this Vietnamese house.

This luminous home project of AD+studio located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam with its rounded corners, infinite light penetration through smart architectural structures and metal lattices and strong presence of gardens and plants into the interior is a magnificent example of how a renovation of even the most boring and ordinary housing can become beautiful contemporary home with strong character and delicate atmosphere. Bringing the Asian stylistics and layout of the house to whole another level the architects achieved modern and unique expression for their project that is designed to host three generations under its roof.

The dynamic spatial arrangement of the four floors of the house, with a staircase in the middle, makes the spaces intriguing and unusual as a shape and approach. We particularly like the transparent staircase on the top floors (suspended stone blocks and metal lattice structures) that not only allow the light from the sky-opener to penetrate in depth but also become uniquely elegant and beautiful ornament from the decoration.

The furnishing of the house is a mixture of contemporary elements with a hint of Asian aesthetics – osier and bamboo weaved furniture become a central focal point in many of the premises. Clear lines, the minimalism of functional presence and light organic materials are the main features of the decor composition. Rounded corners and smooth curves are eminent into the design arrangement. The whiteness of the architectural color base brings serenity, luminous expression and implies spaciousness. Alternation of organic materials like wood, stone, brick, and concrete with the white painted structures and living green plants create uniquely fresh and vivid ambiance.  Photography by Dũng Huỳnh