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One-Floor House Composed by Organic Materials


You don’t often encounter intriguing design examples from not so renowned architectural destinations around the world, don’t you? Well, this project of Nou Arquitectos in Paraguay will change that.

This home with its playful character, interior design inspiration drawn from the 60’ts and honest materials palette achieves memorable contemporary ambiance that combines the best from different epochs. Located in San Bernardino, Paraguay the house offers a strong connection between the interior and the exterior, its simple one-floor layout turns the gardens into strong protagonists in the spatial arrangement of the premises. Vast glass doors, wooden decks, swimming pool premises and miniature gardens inserted into the interior arrangement make the home not only extremely welcoming and comfortable but also cleverly connected with the surrounding nature.

The interior is cheerful, composed by organic materials (wooden cladding and decorations), polished concrete floors and abundance of glass – a combination that introduces contemporary spirit and easiness of float. The furniture arrangement has a strong hint of the modernistic vibe from the 60ts and intriguing shapes and colors that make the composition playful and artistic. Thanks to different textural panels, half walls and unusual spatial arrangement the house offers dynamic experience enhanced by the variety of the used materials, colors and furniture shapes. The kitchen offers simple and easy to maintain exposition where custom made, black, open- storage cabinetry is combined with solid and shiny kitchen island. The living rooms premises are dynamic, colorful, with strong design reference to another epoch that gives unforgettable character and aura to the whole design composition.  Photography by Federico Cairoli